Our Work:

Hong Kong Parliament Electoral Organizing Committee is committed to the following:
To establish a secure political entity, Hong Kong Parliament(HKP)to express the true voice of HongKongers in a democratic way and by way of universal suffrage.

To ensure fairness and transparency of Hong Kong Parliament and its election.

To set the underlying objectives and fundamental principles of the election of Hong Kong Parliament.

To establish Hong Kong Parliament(HKP)for HongKongers internationally to engage in polictics.

Through establishing Hong Kong Parliament(HKP), to enhance and empower the international front by reinforcing their legitimacy.

Through establishing Hong Kong Parliament(HKP), to provide a transparent and inclusive mechanism that checks and balances HongKongers voices on the international front.

Solidify and empower HongKongers internationally and thereby promote the identity of “HongKonger” around the world.