Our Beliefs

Self-determination is our ultimate goal to set up this political entity for HongKongers. We strive to take sovereignty back into our own hands guided by our strong belief in universal values to set up the HKP for HongKongers inside and outside Hong Kong.

Since the 2019 Anti-Extradition Protests in Hong Kong, hundreds and thousands of pro-democracy protesting HongKongers have demonstrated extraordinary virtues of bravery, perseverance, and resiliency against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The blood and sweat of those fearless protesters serve as a firm reminder that all of us must take actions in safeguarding the fundamental values of freedom and democracy from the expansionist and aggressive behaviors of the CCP.

Despite political crackdowns and the increasingly authoritarian control that sweep across Hong Kong since the introduction of national security law, Hong Kong Parliament Electoral Organizing Committee believes that:

Countless anonymous pro-democracy protesters are the main driving force of the democratic movement in Hong Kong.

These pro-democracy protesters have imprinted an unwavering determination into the hearts and minds of every Hongkonger in resisting the tyrannical CCP regime. We will fight till the liberation of Hong Kong regardless of where we are, so the protesters’ sacrifice will not go in vain.

The international community needs to be awakened to the growing threat of the tyrannical CCP in undermining our universal values.

Through providing HongKongers a secure platform to express their true voice in a democratic way, HongKongers will be able to awaken and unite the democratic countries and its people, as we come together to take concrete actions in resisting the burgeoning ambition and expansion of the tyrannical CCP regime, while defending the universal values of freedom and democracy for humanity.